“Run” by Native Names

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed


“The Last Bastion Of Fox Quality” (LP) by Galaxy Fingers
(Elefant Records)

Mixed and Additional Production on “Right Joan”, “Funeral At Cosmo Square”, “Cynically Sweet” and “Clap For Them”


“A Spark” by Max Color
Co-Produced, Mixed, and Mastered


“Kiki” by Max Color
Co-Produced, Mixed and Mastered


"Tone Poems" (EP) by Of Ennui
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered

"EXTRASPECIALGOOD"  - The Local Music Review 2018, San Diego City Beat


"Home for Home” (EP) by Vákoum


"Yump" “EP” by The Six Sevens
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered


"Slam Drunk" (LP) by The Chili Banditos
Recorded and Mixed