Small Culture is the art rock moniker of composer and engineer, Jerik Centeno. Small Culture showcases the eclectic musical genres that influence Jerik Centeno's production, engineering, and composition style. 

INSIDE: The OB Template and "Too Late"

"I Still Wanna Know" - RAC feat. Rivers Cuomo (Small Culture Remix)
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Taken from ‘I Still Wanna Know (Remixes)’ released 20th September 2017 via Ninja Tune.

"Too Late" ft. Catharine Maloney, Nick Krill, and Cameron Wilson used as the credits song for Benjamin Howard's short film, "No Teeth". 

"Fighting, gallivanting, being young and in love...The song is melancholy, and so is the video, gorgeously shot and edited.” -Impose Magazine

"Centeno’s outgoing nature is key to Small Culture, which is basically him, his musical vision, and a network of friends who join him when it’s show time or time to record a track.” - Ken Leighton, San Diego Reader

"Wildly well composed for a freshman EP, the unique blends of sounds, and light upbeat feel make this EP the perfect way to kick off your summer.” -Peter Vowell of HighClouds

“84/100” -Album of the Year

Gear and Loathing In San Diego Interview with Dustin Lothspiech

“Touslee” is another great gem that clearly reminds Sigur Rós‘ first albums as it seems that time stops suddenly when you start to listen to the track, taking you away from earth, creating a floating atmosphere around you. It is easy to read some sadness and anger behind the track, but always keeping the strong hopeful vibe. The video contains, as for Sarah Touslee‘s rendition, a choreography that truly marries the spirit of song, elevating the track even higher. -Matias Calderon of HighClouds

"Vocally layering is like watching network news. The network news channels will introduce a number of people with conflicting views, and then allow them to talk over each other. In most situations, the urge is to reach for the remote. However, sometimes it just works. In music, it isn’t just luck that vocal layering works. Too often, the urge is to reach for the “next” button. That’s not the case with 'Synthetica.'" -Indie Obsessive

"If you’re looking for new music, it doesn’t come much fresher than Small Culture’s ‘Synthetica’ ... The brainchild of Jerik Centeno, Small Culture, hail from San Diego and make self-pronounced Kaleidoscope pop rock " - Lauren Crawford of CDNX

“The idea is to create a 'kaleidoscope of sounds', and in that respect it's mission accomplished…Perhaps a decent comparison can be found in certain tracks by The Postal Service who also combined a similar selection of genres, but you wouldn't get the two mixed up. As first offerings go, this is a superb way to start. ” -KevW of The Sound of Confusion